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MLS Laser Therapy: What To Expect Before, During, and After Your Session

People often drag their feet when facing medical treatment, because it’s often associated with pain, discomfort, and lengthy downtimes. 

But, advancements in technology have completely transformed the face of therapy. That includes cutting-edge approaches without incisions, risky medications, or long post-treatment recovery times. Instead, they work with your body to ease your symptoms.

Multiwave Locked System — or MLS — laser therapy is one of these advanced treatments Vladimir Fiks, MD, offers at Advanced Pain Management Center in Portland, Oregon. If you have acute or chronic pain, here’s what you can expect from this therapy.

How MLS laser therapy works

This highly effective treatment may be getting a lot of attention recently, but the technology has been in use since the late 1960s. Unlike other forms of laser therapy, MLS uses two specific wavelengths of synchronized light. 

One light delivers a continuous beam of energy to the treatment site, which works to reduce inflammation and swelling by activating blood flow and the lymphatic system. The other light is delivered as pulsed energy, which helps ease discomfort by disrupting the pain signals going to the brain.

The entire process is completely painless. The wavelengths of light pass harmlessly through your skin as far as 3-5 centimeters deep, depending on the tissue type. This impressive level of penetration and the power of the synchronized wavelengths make the treatment a highly effective pain-relief solution for even the most complex pain conditions.

What to expect before starting MLS laser therapy

Before you begin treatment, Dr. Fiks reviews your medical history, discusses your symptoms, and performs a comprehensive physical examination. 

Conditions that often benefit from MLS therapy include:

After diagnosing your condition, Dr. Fiks can outline the best strategy for managing your symptoms, including the number of MLS laser therapy sessions you may need.

What to expect during MLS laser therapy

MLS laser therapy treatments usually take less than 10 minutes. 

During your session, Dr. Fiks positions the MLS laser system over your treatment site, and you put on protective eyewear. As the light passes through your skin and reaches your damaged cells, it activates the healing process and cellular activity, leading to:

However, you won’t feel a thing! Instead, you can relax comfortably while the laser energy does all the work.

What to expect after MLS laser therapy

You can resume regular activity as soon as your session ends. 

People often see results after a single treatment, but MLS laser therapy usually provides the best benefits after a series of sessions. That’s because exposing damaged cells in your body to these therapeutic wavelengths regularly does three important things:

The number of treatments you’ll need will depend on your situation, but you can expect 6-12 treatments scheduled 2-3 times a week over a 2-3 week period. 

Whether used for acute or chronic pain, MLS laser therapy has an 85-90% success rate for relieving inflammation and pain, and it has no side effects.

If you’d like to see if MLS laser therapy can help treat your painful condition, call 971-233-4199 or book an appointment online with Advanced Pain Management Center today.

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