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Written Testimonials


I am a patient of these Doctors and have been for almost a year. They are very professional while being aggressive in patient care.

The specialty they are in is Pain management and it is a very tricky specialty because it comes with a great deal of addiction. While doing their job of making sure I was not an addict, with testing and pulling me off certain medications. They did rigorous testing pulling me off medication when I moved here, because I had been on a high level of medication prescribed to me for many years for severe pain. It had been slowly building up but I knew at some point it had to go somewhere other than where it was….Anyhow, these amazing doctors were patient and worked with me every month.

Today I feel a great deal better mind wise and I am able to do a little more each day that I put my mind to it and try. I am working with a rheumatologist and I pray for results as well there.

Tina M.


Felt very respected here. Not many places in Oregon do medication pain management and this is the best place I’ve found. They offer physical therapy along with shoulder injections and back injections that I would have never thought to get but virtually took away all my back pain. Appointments are efficient, and you get the feeling that the people at this office really care about you and are invested in your life.

Sierra C.


I am very satisfied with treatment I receive at this clinic. Dr.  Fiks has the latest cutting edge equipment. Mr. Shore is great, and full of knowledge. The entire physical therapy team is awesome. Dealing with chronic neck, shoulder and rib pain has finally been addressed. Insurance billing has been easy, I recommend this clinic to anyone who has pain resulting from past injuries. I have heard from other patients that for more recent injuries, like car accidents, they are the best to prevent further deterioration of joint and quicker recovery.

Jason B.


I have been a patient of Dr.Fiks for a few years, and my experience has been great. The staff has always been decent and accommodating, and with their help I have been able to reclaim my life. They offer numerous services, which are all available in their office. The PACs working with Dr. Fiks are knowledgable and understanding. There are some inconvenient aspects, such as random medication count appointments, but I have found that these precautions are common, and likely necessary, today in this specialty. I am surprised to see the tone of some of these reviews, but I keep in mind people are more likely to post one when they’re displeased, and I hope others choose to see for themselves. In respect to cost, I do have patient responsibility costs, but my insurance covers a good amount of my bill. People might do well to understand that it is not a doctor’s mistake if their insurance doesn’t cover all of their bill. It might do them better even to get an insurance plan that covers their needs. Overall, this clinic is one I recommend. Many thanks to APMC!

Anonymous on Rate MDs


I have had many treatments over the years for my shoulder however nothing really helped including surgery. After having my first injection I noticed significant relief after about two weeks and my pain has not recurred.

Darcy B.


In all my 11 years of having chronic pain I have never been treated with such compassion and understanding! Both Dr. Fiks and Mr. Shore have been so understanding and I am so happy that they were able to take me as a patient. I came from CA and I moved to Eugene and because of the medicine that was in my pump no other pain clinics would take me, but Dr. Fiks said he could. Even though it is a long drive for me I’m so thankful for them.

Nicole R.


I’ve been a patient here for more than 4 years now, and I love these folks. Not only have they helped me with some ongoing health issues, they have been great to work with overall. From the front desk staff, nurses, doctors, PAs – everyone there treats me like I’m part of the family. The thing I most appreciate is that they have a lot of integrity, and do not recommend over medicating, they’ve helped me find solutions that work for me. I highly recommend.

Brenda L.


After having a really bad experience with another pain management doctor in Portland it was a huge relief to have such a positive experience with Dr. Fiks. Everyone in the office that I have dealt with has been fantastic, particularly … at the front desk. I see a number of doctors and I always look forward to my appointments because of …. Dr. Fiks assessed my health, determined that the original pain doctor’s course of treatment would not have provided the relief needed and steered me in another direction. My medications are nearly perfect, and I am finally able to live my life again.

I didn’t think I was going to be able to work in my garden at all this year, thanks to Dr. Fiks I am!

Marissa N.



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