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How an Athlete Can Benefit from Regenexx

How an Athlete Can Benefit from Regenexx

No one wants an injury to leave them on the sidelines, but it’s a common problem for anyone who’s physically active. The good news is that treatment options keep getting better. One such option is Regenexx®, which doesn’t involve surgery and can help an injury heal faster than surgical treatment.

Vladimir Fiks, MD, of Advanced Pain Management Center in Portland, Oregon, takes pain management to the next level. Instead of using treatments that offer temporary relief, he strives to treat injuries at the source with the latest methods available, such as Regenexx. 

If you’re a pro or a weekend warrior with an injury, here’s how Regenexx can help.

Introducing Regenexx

Regenexx procedures use healing agents from the body to repair damage and restore function. 


This Regenexx formula contains bone marrow concentrate, a substance with stem cells. These cells get a lot of attention because they’re major building blocks in your system. 

Basically, all of your cells with a specialized function come from stem cells. And, under the right conditions, stem cells form new “daughter” cells, which can become new stem cells or cells with a specific function.

Examples of cells with a specialized function include bone cells, blood cells, heart muscle cells, and brain cells.

Regenexx-SCP and Regenexx-PL

These formulas leverage platelet-rich plasma and platelet lysate, which are found in the blood. These healing growth factors trigger the ability to heal and stimulate the repair process, making cells in the area work even harder.

Research shows that people who undergo Regenexx treatments recover 60% faster than those who undergo surgery.

How Regenexx can help athletes

The human body already contains stem cells and platelets. But Regenexx concentrates them into therapeutic injections. This enables Dr. Fiks to use them in targeted ways to activate and support the healing process at an injury site. 

Regenexx injections routinely contain 20x the concentration of stem cell-containing bone marrow. When delivered to a damaged area of the body, the cells get to work repairing and regenerating healthy, new tissue naturally — right at the source. 

Types of sports injuries that can benefit from Regenexx treatments include:

Dr. Fiks can also use Regenexx to treat arthritis and as an alternative to joint replacement surgery. In fact, Regenexx can even help you avoid surgery entirely. 

What to expect from Regenexx

Before recommending Regenexx, Dr. Fiks performs a comprehensive assessment to identify your injury. This could involve diagnostic equipment, such as an ultrasound, so he can observe the inner workings of the area in real time.

If Regenexx is right for you, Dr. Fiks can outline your next steps. The procedure itself takes place at Advanced Pain Management Center, and you go home the same day. You can expect it to come with the same level of discomfort as a routine shot. 

Depending on the treatment you’re getting, Dr. Fiks harvests bone marrow from your hip bone or platelet-rich plasma or platelet lysate from your blood and concentrates them using the patented Regenexx Protocol. Then, he injects the resulting serum directly into your pain site.

Dr. Fiks can provide personalized aftercare instructions based on your injury. For instance, you may have to temporarily avoid high-impact activities or putting weight on the site. But don’t worry; the goal of Regenexx is to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. In most cases, people can resume regular activity within 4-6 weeks. However, Dr. Fiks could recommend a series of treatments for optimal results.

Do you have a sports injury? Call 971-233-4199 or book an appointment online with Advanced Pain Management Center to see if Regenexx could be right for you.

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