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Wellness starts with you. We can help.

Wellness starts with you.
We can help.

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“Some of the Earth’s greatest treasures are not its incredible landscapes, natural resources or national parks but something as common as…. the person who lives next door… our mothers and fathers… sisters and brothers… our significant others….. ourselves. We believe in taking that first step towards wellness and to a life that, if not entirely pain free, is one that is rewarding and fulfilled.”

Karen Wood | Administrator
Advanced Pain Management Center

Advanced Pain Management Center
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Advance Pain Management Center

Have you noticed that Spring has arrived? Everything is beginning to bloom, the ducks in my neighborhood are making my front lawn their home, and allergies are on the rise. What else? Perhaps increased pain due to the change in the weather and new allergens in the air. It may be a good time to ask about our allergy treatment program. You can read more about this program in our News section and Services we offer section. Call me (Karen) today to discuss the ways in which these programs may be beneficial for you. I can be reached at 503-295-0730, ext. 124. Looking forward to sharing new and exciting information with you!
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